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Binding 3d elements


I am working on an application that is generating collections of ViewModel objects that represent wooden planks. I would like to use your library to visualize those items and as I change the dimension values of those planks, I would like them to change shape visually.

I did not manage to find an example of model binding to your elements. How can I bind a collection of viewmodels as an itemsource to generate a bulk of plaks with your library.
Do you have any examples related to itemcollection binding.


ikljaic wrote Aug 4, 2016 at 1:39 PM

I found examples like this, where everything is defined in Xaml. I am looking for examples of collection binding and template definitions.
        <p:Workshop3D Width="1200" Height="750">
                <p:Spherical3D ParallelCount="40" 
                    p:Space3D.X="0" p:Space3D.Y="0" p:Space3D.Z="0"                      
                    Material="{StaticResource SideMaterial}"
                    Transform="{StaticResource sphericalTransform}"/>